Aluminium Windows

RAD window services are experts in the supply and installation of aluminium doors and windows in the Bournemouth. All our products are made to measure and fitted to our high quality standards by our expert fitters. Aluminium doors and windows provide a greener option for your home, with aluminium capable of being recycled many times over without any loss to its quality or strength.

Aluminium Windows have advanced significantly in the past several years making them a popular choice for people’s homes. Often perceived by people to only be available in silver, aluminium actually provides a greater colour range than uPVC and with the extra benefit of having a dual colour option for both the inside and outside of the frame. The construction of the frames can be easily be formed into a variety of shapes allowing for a slimmer profile for your windows. Aluminium also provides excellent energy efficiency, with our doors and windows reaching an A rating, making them equal to uPVC doors and uPVC windows.

Aluminium Doors

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing aluminium doors and windows for your home:

  • Slimmer profile
  • Greater strength
  • Increased Security
  • Wider range of colours
  • Energy efficient

Our aluminium doors provide added strength, slimmer lines and extra durability for your home, which will ensure that your doors will last for decades to come. Our doors come in a variety of decorative styles that will suit your own personal taste as well as provide your home with protection from the outside elements and extra security from any unwanted intruders. Aluminium doors also benefit from a wider range of colour options, including more than 200 different RAL colours.

Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

To create the perfect opening to your garden, our aluminium bi-fold doors provide a stylish finish with more glass and slimmer lines. All our doors are made to meet your requirements, with the ability to have the frames painted on both sides to match both the interior and exterior of your property. The aluminium structure benefits from added strength giving a secure and durable finish that you can rely on.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries with regards to our Aluminium products, we will be more than happy to guide you in making your decision. Aside from our Aluminium doors and windows, we are also suppliers and installers of conservatories and maintenance such as double glazing repairs.