Do Double Glazed Windows Reduce Heat Loss?

Lets face it. In winter it gets cold in the UK!

The last thing you want to deal with is heating loss let alone what that is costing you if your property is not keeping the heat inside correctly.

Double glazed windows are becoming more and more popular across the UK. So popular that single pane windows are not even really being used anymore in new builds. And for some very common sense reasoning also. Double glazing keeps the heat in during winter and keeps the your place cool in summer.

Have you ever been in a property that has nothing but single glazed windows? Have your noticed the fans or air conditioning is always on in summer or the heaters are always cranked to the max in winter? Funny that, isn’t it?

How Does Double Glazing Work?

So how does it work? Look it’s not exactly rocket science. ‘Double’ glazed literally means double. So two pieces of glass. Imagine wearing two jumpers in the winter. You’d stay nice and toasty right? The same concept applies here except it does get a tad more complex.

There are two panes of glass. Plus there is a small gap between them. See the image above. That’s essentially it. And the magic happens in the space between the two glass panes.

How you ask? Well it’s very simple really. Is air good at conducting the warmth or the cold? No, it’s not. And that’s the real basics of it. That gap between the two windows means that heat will stay trapped inside your property in winter and you heat your home. Or in summer the double glazed windows will keep the the cool in.

Now lets be clear. It doesn’t 100% stop the transfer of the heat or cold. Even triple glazed cant’ do that. But it does a very good job at reducing that transfer.

Is Double Glazing more Effective than Single Glazing?

We somewhat covered this above but lets make it official shall we!

Yes, it most certainly is! Glass is a good conductor of heat. As you heat your home the single pane of glass is essentially drawing in that heat and spitting it out on the other side to keep things in laymen terms.

So that is why a single glazed property will fell colder in the winter.

When you add in that seconds layer and have double glazing. The heat can’t escape as it gets trapped in the air pocket between the two glass panes.

So, once again, yes, single glazed windows as much less effective that double glazing. A new British home should never have single glazed windows. And any renovation window work you are planning should be with double glazing.

Take it from Phil Tetley who runs Abacus Glazing:

I’ve been installing double glazed windows since 2005 and if a customer asks me for single glazed windows I do what is humanly possible to prevent them from making that choice. Double glazing is the what you want.

Phil is our recommended partner in Dorset and based out of Bournemouth.

Double Glazing Benefits

To put a long story short the list is almost endless but here are the core benefits:

  1. Increased property value
  2. Increased security (double glazed windows are strong!)
  3. Reduced power bill
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Increased property value
  6. Reduces noise pollution and makes for an overall quieter home
  7. Reduce condensation
  8. Keeps the home at a perfect temperature all yes round with minimal external factors (eg. heating and cooling)

In summary. Double glazed windows are what you want. They will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. While they are not as cheap as single glazing. They are an investment into your future and reduced power bills that will result in the investment paying for itself as the years go by.