Planning Ideas for Your Conservatory

As one of the more popular ways to add an extra level of value you to your home, not just in terms of when you sell it, but whilst you’re living in it as well, conservatories are the ideal method for refreshing your home and adding a new level of luxury to your everyday life – basking in the sun as you enjoy breakfast in the comfort of your own conservatory is one of the more idyllic images associated with the glass house. So once you’ve decided that you’ll definitely benefit from one, how do you go about preparing for it? Here’s the RAD Windows guide to making all the right decisions!

Size Matters

Like anything, balance is really key when you’re choosing the size of your conservatory. Too large comparative to your actual home and it will decrease your overall curb value and make your actual house feel smaller. Similarly, too small and you won’t be able to enjoy your extra space to the fullest extent, depending on exactly what you’re hoping to get from the conservatory.


An extra room can be anything; from a dining room to a play room for the kids, or an extension of the living room; somewhere to relax on an evening. Knowing exactly what you’ll be using it for will help you come to a conclusion regarding other many other matters you’ll also be thinking about – you’ll be able to narrow down the size further still, decide on furniture and positioning and ultimately, plan your new build more thoroughly!

Keeping Warm

Whilst our Rehau double glazing will be as proficient an insulator as you’d expect, keeping a conservatory the right temperature is one element many of us forget to really think through. Of course, the very nature of a conservatory means that, left to its own devices, winter climates will turn it into an arctic nightmare, whilst in the summer, you’ll have your very own furnace that you’ll struggle to step foot in without shedding a few layers and applying cooking oil. Naturally the position of your conservatory will have a great deal to do with this, but an air conditioning solution should also be prepped and ready to go by the time construction is finished!

Keep these three things in mind and you’ll be well on your way to conservatoire paradise! Of course, for our expert advice, and to hear about the range of conservatories we can provide in your home today, give us a call now!